Best Ulcerative Colitis Treatment in Canada

Food don’t cause Ulcerative Colitis but you need to avoid some foods says Vaidya Harish Kumar  founder of BestAyurveda and is well known to provide their Best Ulcerative Colitis Treatment in Canada. There is no single diet that can help you with Ulcerative Colitis. You need to systematize a food diary and your plan should be flexible. After your breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything you are eating you need to know that you are feeling good or bad and you should write that on your food diary. So that after few days you can easily knows that what types of food is good for you and but feels you bad.

Always remember one thing that is “Eat Fresh and Live Healthy”. Here in this article I would like to tell you about some items that are not good for Ulcerative Colitis patients like alcohol, meat, popcorn, dried fruit, refined sugar, carbonated drinks, spicy foods and raw fruits and vegetables, dairy products and high fiber diet.

Some Common Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms are:-

Bloody Diarrhea: – This is the most common symptoms of ulcerative colitis if you have such kind of symptoms then you need to consult with doctor. It is imperative to identify that there is a difference between hemorrhoidal bleeding, which is a little blood on the toilet paper when you wipe, and the bleeding of ulcerative colitis, which tends to be more dramatic, with blood actually in the stool.

Abdominal Pain: – Low abdominal pain is also a symptom of ulcerative colitis.

Urgency for Toilet: – Urgency to go to toilet is also the main symptoms of ulcerative colitis disease.

Weight Loss: – Sudden weight loss is the one of main symptom of ulcerative colitis.

Inflammation in the Body: – As an autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis can cause inflammation beyond the intestines.

Joint Pain: – Some UC patients may complaint regular joint pain.

Fever: – If you are facing regular low fever from more than 1 week then you should know that sometimes it gives you sign of Ulcerative Colitis disease.

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