Ayurvedic management of Ulcerative Colitis: a non-randomized, observational cinical study

Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease with a relapsing and remitting course. The prolonged use of conventional standard drugs often produces mild to severe side effects and may eventually result in drug resistance. Hence, there is a need for effective and safe complementary treatment options. In Ayurveda various treatment modalities for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases are described and used successfully. All 50 patients completed the four-week Ayurvedic treatment. Results show highly significant (p<0.001) reduction of the frequency of bowl-movements (77.4±4.2%) and blood presence in stool (90.3±0.8%). The reduction in the requirement of conventional standard drugs was also highly significant (steroids 100%, sulfasalzine 80.26±0.9%). UC-associated symptoms like abdominal pain, weakness and weight loss were relieved significantly. Laboratory value improvement in haemoglobin-% (14.4±0.8%), ESR (39±10.2%), erythrocytes (91.7±1.1%) and pus cells (83.7±0.9%) in stool were also found statistically highly significant. Moreover, no treatment-related adverse events could be observed.

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