Basic Overview of Terms and Conditions in Brief

  1. Franchisee : By the words “Franchisee” we mean the party who has been approved by the company for selling our products and services through its owned or rented premises and also generating demand of our products through other means.
  2. Company or Franchisor: By the words “Company” and by "Franchisor" we mean the parent company “Best Ayurveda Limited” whose registered office is at 2250 Bovaird Drive East, Suite 502, Brampton, ON, L6R0W3, Canada, that will supply the products and equipment to Franchisee reselling.
  3. Discounts : An attractive margin has been provided between trade & retail prices.
  4. Freight: All goods will be supplied to Franchisee on “To Pay basis”. All losses in respect of breakage, shortage, damage & delay in transit during transportation shall be to the buyers account. No claim in this respect will be entertained by Best Ayurveda Ltd.
  5. Payments: All Transactions are against Advance Cheque / Interac online transfers only. No Credit shall be given by the franchisor. All Purchase Orders of Franchisee should be accompanied by 100% advance payment through cheque favoring – Best Ayurveda Ltd. 

    Account Name :  BEST AYURVEDA LIMITED    Bank :  TD CANADA TRUST    Account No. : 7427-5267968   Branch : 0089  Email for Interac Transfers :

  6. Franchisee Should Note: Franchisee should obtain all necessary licenses, insurances and permissions, HST Number, needed for sale and distribution of Best Ayurveda Limited's products and services. The Franchisor shall not be responsible for non–compliance of any Govt. rules & regulation by the Franchisee.

  7. Terms for Maintaining Status as a Franchisee of the Company : A Franchisee has to give a Minimum Monthly Order of his officially set target of all collective products of Best Ayurveda Limited. In case Franchisor does not receive any ‘Repeat order’ from the franchisee within a period of 120 days starting from previous order, his/her monopoly rights for the agreed territory would be declared null and void without prior notice and Best Ayurveda Limited reserves the right to appoint any new franchisee in that particular territory for distribution of its products.
  8. The Franchisee shall, have no right to take action against the company for any delay in delivery, caused by shortage of stock, delay in transit, accident, strike or any unforeseen reasons.
  9. Our Sales & Administration staff is not authorized to take cash from any Franchisee either for company or personal use. If any sales or administration staff demand any money, it should be immediately reported to the company.
  10. Goods should be stored & taken care of in such a way that they do not deteriorate in quality & shape. If any product is found deteriorated, its sales should be stopped under advice to the company. Only the right quality goods in terms of proper packing and mentioned shelf-life of the products should be sold to customers.
  11. Franchisee shall sell company’s products with the Cartons, Wrappers, Label and Seals intact.
  12. Goods once sold are returnable only for credit or exchange. On no account whatsoever will the company accept any responsibility for goods returned without prior written consent from the company.
  13. The term & conditions and prices mentioned are applicable to the Franchisee of Canadian Territory. The Terms & Conditions and Prices are subject to change without prior notice to the Franchisee.
  14. The Franchisee should work in the agreed territory only otherwise Company reserves the right to cancel the “Franchise” rights without assigning any reason.
  15. All disputes out of transactions or otherwise under these terms shall be subject to the territorial jurisdiction of the Court at Brampton (Ontario) only.
  16. Marketing/Selling of products is a job that the franchisee will be managing on his own; while Best Ayurveda Limited will provide Franchisee promotional material for marketing support from time to time. Best Ayurveda Limited will not be providing medical representative at your disposal.
  17. Latest applicable HST rate shall be applicable on the products after discounts.
  18. From Franchisor’s side Franchisee will get long expiry products (i.e, after 2 years expiry or even more) but company will not accept return of any products that is once sold, unless there is any quality related issues. Also, company will not provide any claim on damage that occurs in transit; concerned transporter will be responsible for the same.

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