Brief Introduction

Vaidya Harish Kumar is one of the most reknowned Ayurveda practitioner in the world at the moment, who has an experience of over 33 years of clincal practice and is 5th Generation Ayurveda Practitioner of his family of Vaidyas. He is President of Canadian College of Ayurveda and Yoga and he is on the faculty of the Honors program in Ayurveda at Thames Valley University, London (UK). He is a gold medalist from Guru Nanak Dev University, India and was member of Governing Body of National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur (India). 

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About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced in India for at least 6,000 years. The word comes from the Sanskrit terms ayur (life) and veda (knowledge). Though Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic medicine, was documented in the sacred historical texts known as the Vedas many millennia ago, Ayurveda has evolved over the years and is now integrated with other traditional practices, including yoga to provide a complete integrated, safe and holistic healthcare system.

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