Frequently asked questions

Can I visit in person for consultation with Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma ?
Yes. Currently Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma
occasionally offers in person consultations, phone consultations or SKYPE are available and provides successful treatment solutions to your health concerns.

What makes Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma different from other holistic practitioners ?
Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma has over 30 years of experience treating client health issues using treatment systems from around the world, he specializes in Ayurveda and Western Herbalism. He is completely committed to improving your health with natural approaches and works collectively with medical approaches provided by your medical doctor.

How will I know what herbs or supplements to take?
After your consultation Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma provides a complete description via a treatment form, he gives detailed instructions and direct retail website retailer links for herbs and supplements so purchasing is easy.

What happens if I have a side effect?
Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma always wants you to begin with a small amount of any herb or supplement and increase over several days. Side effects are rare.

How do I ask questions if I have a side effect or want to know why Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma suggested a particular herb or supplement?
Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma’s professional support staff will answer any questions you may have via email or phone. Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma is available to help if his support staff is not able to provide adequate information.

Can Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma help me if I live in a foreign country?
Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma provides consultations for clients around the world. Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma’s support staff will help with finding quality herbs and supplements.

I’ve been to many doctors and naturopaths, they have not solved my health problems, how will Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma do what others can’t?

Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma specializes in solving health issues where other health professionals have failed. It may take time and there may be other seemingly unrelated issues that need to be addressed to create a permanent solution. Your commitment combined with Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma’s wisdom and knowledge tend to create success.

I can’t swallow pills or capsules, how can I take herbs or supplements?
Quite often Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma will suggest powdered herbs or supplements and herb teas to make your experience comfortable.

Can I purchase herbs and supplements at the health store?
Yes, please send the brand name and a description of the product to Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma’s herb technician to verify that you have purchased the correct items. It is best to purchase the items that are linked on your form, we have selected the best quality products at the best available prices.

Can I take the suggested herbs and supplements even though I’m vegan or vegetarian?
Please note that you are vegan or vegetarian on your health intake form and inform Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma during your consultation. Nearly all herbs and supplements are available for vegans and vegetarians. You can also contact the herb technician to request vegan or vegetarian items.

What can I do if I have financial concerns?
Contact our office prior to your initial or follow-up consultation, Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma can adjust your treatment program to accommodate your budget.

I travel often, how do I manage taking herbs and supplements?
Please note this on you health intake form, mention during your follow up consultation or contact our herb technician. We offer many solutions that allow you to adhere to your health program while traveling.

When I click on the link for an herb or supplement I see many size options, how will I know what size to buy?
On the top you your treatment form you will see the amount of time until your follow up consultation, this is usually one month but may be more or less depending on your health issue. You can multiply your suggested daily dose times the number of days until your follow up consultation or contact the herb technician and they will assist you.

When should I make another appointment?
In your recommendations from Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma, you will see his suggested time for your next appointment.

How can I make a follow-up appointment with Vaidya Harish Kumar Verma?
The best way to make your follow-up appointment is to visit . Here you will be able to select if you would like a package or individual appointment, and choose a date and time that works best for you.